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Butter. Band 200 ml of olive lubricate and Cialis (20 mg).

Circumstances in a unlit in the right championing 30 days with a view infusion, then filter. The lubricate wrest is rubbed onto the veneer in the perineum. The prescription helps to medicament inefficacy, inhibits the spouting of semen. Tea. A glass of boiling spa water requires 1 teaspoon of the herb. After brewing, the explanation is filtered and drunk. It is of use to pocket a drink using thyme and callow teas at the constant time.

In 500 ml of boiling drinking-water, 2 tablespoons of painful materials are brewed. Admit the hotchpotch to prepare object of 2 hours. Filtered. The soporific prevents at cock crow ejaculation. I drink thyme 0.5 cups twice a day. They are treated in behalf of 14 days. Baths. Thyme bouillon is added to the bath. It relaxes muscles, helps raise fatigue.

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Treatment of debilitation at snug harbor a comfortable with thyme allows you to rebuild sexual work, multiply potency in men of diverse ages. Oils.

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